Greetings to everyone

It's with great pleasure, that we are announcing in conjunction with CTRL-A, the club that really likes anime, a movie night, this coming Saturday July 10 at the GiG theater, in Kitchener, and this event will be a free of charge to all who attend. We are really really excited to co-host this event with our friends at CTRL-A t and it's our hope that you could come out and join us in our FUN ^_^. please note, that for some this may be a very last-minute decision, but however we put this together in the hopes of exposed to general public to the wonderfulness that is anime ! In addition of blowing our minds with enough anime that one can watch without their eyes growing to one third of their cranium, we are also offering other events - such as a Mini masquerade, gaming and a whole host of other smaller events throughout our event. If one could be so inclined in a humbly in asking As previously mentioned, this is a free show, but however we are trying to raise funds for breast cancer research, and thus the show will be asking for donations for this wonderful cause. It's our hope, to have you come on down for the weekend, and join us for a little bit of fun.

Gaming Events

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*Please note that our showings of our Anime Viewing's are presented by Ctrl-A ( and we thank them for there help )

**Please note that all events are subject to change