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...Our con - may never be the same again

Game Background Overview:
A mysterious group of the unknown has come together to see if there is still good in the world and with that they decided to try a game ( or an experiment in social behavior if you will..) in their game it is based on a movie that they all love called: "Battle Royale" (a cult movie they all loved). Thing is, they didn't want to blow anyone up, nor did they want to announce their plans. So it came down to a simple decision; find a large group of people, gathered in a central location, and see what happens 'when good people' are placed in odd situations

So with that, The con  was picked, and the plans are now set in motion. Infiltrating the ranks of con-goers was easy enough, and to place those lovely tags on people was even easier. No one thought to ask why they were being given the tag, except that they were promised that it would add to the excitement of their weekend at the convention

But, as the sun started to decent on that fateful Friday, a little voice could be heard coming from those innocent (and ugly) looking tags:

WARNING: Battle Royal will now begin. Players, good luck, and may you survive the weekend! Oh, the excitement indeed.....

1. Convention Rules Apply! This means those rules about horseplay and weapons apply to the game. Read those Convention Rules folks, because we will be enforcing them!
2. No Contact! You -will not- hit the other person, or touch them in any way during battles. We want this to be fun, not a trip to the hospital.
3. Battle Royal Tags! You -must- wear the tag so that it is visible. but due to costume restrictions or personal preference, it can be worn anywhere, as long as it can be seen. No partial hiding it now folks!
4. Honour System! Because this is a free-form type game, and no real referres watching you, we are leaving it in your hands to be truthful and fair. If you lose, lose with dignity and give up your tag with good nature. If you win, don't be a fathead gloater, and congratulate the other person for the battle. No one likes to have stuff rubbed in their faces, from either side. The game is to be fun folks, and trust building is good!
5. Roads! There is absolutely no game play on or near roads. This is a safety measure. Don't be stupid folks.
6. Stalking = Bad! If you spot a Battle Royal player crossing the street, don't go pelting after them. Or follow them around until you enter a playing zone. Just let it go, and find them later. The game is about fun, and there is no fun to be had if you are laying in wait for someone, or right up behind them waiting to get to the other side of the street onto grass to attack.
7. Have Fun

1.-  The Convention Centre itself is fair game, but not the sidewalk, front drop off zone, or the parking lot. 
2. - The Convention Centrezone, out side in the back grassy areas, and inside are all fair game. DO NOT PLAY IN THE DEALERS ROOM OR ARTIST ALLEY.
3. - All roads are off limits, and people cannot be attacked in those areas.
4 -  Zones will change threw out the game, this will be talked about at the information workshop before the game starts.

Other out of game BOUNDARIES 
for the Otakuthon convention edition
5-  The LARP is to take place within official Otakuthon convention areas, mainly the 5th and 7th floors of the Palais des congrès. Areas outside the convention area are to be considered out of bounds.
6-  No playing in the following rooms:

- Main Events (517a)
- Exhibition Hall (517bcd)
- Special Events 1 (710a)
- Special Events 2 (520abde)
- Volunteer Operations (521ab)
- Masquerade Green Room (518abc)
- In rooms where there are Guest Events currently taking place (the convention schedule will indicate when and where guest events are taking place). For the other rooms (e.g. video rooms), our rules for general behavior will apply.

In rooms where there are Guest Events currently taking place (the convention schedule will indicate when and where guest events are taking place).

In rooms where there are Guest Events currently taking place (the convention schedule will indicate when and where guest events are taking place).

No playing in any of the designated line-up areas (i.e. areas that have chains or rope designating a line-up area)

For other rooms (e.g. video game room), our rules for general behavior will apply.

To view the rules for the Otakuthon convention please click here:

Battles are based on the classic Rock-Paper-Sissors system ( the best out of three throws) . When a person encounters another Battle Royal player, they begin the game. Players are encouraged to act out the battle afterwards (mindful of their surroundings), and get pictures too if they can (or anyone around them). When all is said and done, the defeated hands over their tag to the winner, and all continue on their way.

NOTE: If other Battle Royal players spot a battle, don't rush in to take on the winner right away. Give them a good minute space time to collect themselves and such (or deal with pictures and what not).

Registration for this game is done online, and at Friday at the convention. the Tags can be picked up on the sameday. When you are defeated in the game, either wait til Sunday to drop off your tags (if you have collected any) or drop them off at the ITA information booth with a ITA gaming staff member. Your name and tag number (personal and collection) will be recorded.

Game starters  at opening on Friday.
Game ends at 12pm Sunday.

Some the rules seem a bit odd (Such as the no-rush one for battles) but we are testing this game out this year, and wish to see it go well. Some rules will be altered afterwards, some added, some even removed completely. Also, it doesn't make it too much fun if people can just battle one after another without a break, and cause people to get frustrated and upset. This is all about fun, not trying to be the ultimate Battle Royal winner (well, there is that too, but might as well have fun at it).

Pre-Game Registration:
To play we are asking for 50 players enlist a head of time please full out the on line form at :

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